Recent Before & After Photos

Large Water Loss

Here is a set of photos from a large water loss in the Rockford area. A main water pipe had burst during negative degree weather and had caused this building, a... READ MORE

Hardwood Flooring

One of the many reasons to use SERVPRO is because of the specialized equipment that we can provide. In the first photo you see a floor mat drying system install... READ MORE

Garage Fire

This set of photos are from a local fire that started in the garage. Luckily the customer had caught it soon enough that no major damage was done inside the hom... READ MORE

Commercial Mold

Mold was found in a church building in one of the utility rooms. The first photo was taken when we first arrived to assess the damage. The amount of time the mo... READ MORE


This set of photos is from a commercial building with an art studio in the basement. Outside ground water had found a way in during a storm and flooded part of ... READ MORE

Commercial Bath

This set of photos are from a commercial bathroom that had a water loss due to a break in the toilet. This caused sewage to seep into their building. In the fir... READ MORE

Residential Fire

A fire that had started in the garage reached throughout the entire home spreading soot and smoke damage. The before photo is of the affected bathroom. Looking ... READ MORE

Commercial Water Loss

This is a flooded business in the Rockford area. A pipe had broken above multiple offices, storage areas and hallways. The before picture is of a storage area t... READ MORE

Bathroom leak

There was a lot of water damage to the ceiling of this room from a toilet supply line in the bathroom above. The ceiling was saturated enough that it ended up s... READ MORE

Fire Extinguisher Residue

Besides the possible smoke and soot damage that comes from a fire, there is also the residue left over from the fire extinguisher. This set of photos is from a ... READ MORE