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Carbon Monoxide – The Silent Killer

8/9/2023 (Permalink)

carbonmono This picture came direct from the CDC

Did you know that more than fifty thousand people visit the emergency room each year, and of those people 400 will die from carbon monoxide poisoning? There are even rare occasions where carbon monoxide is used as a suicide measure. Often times the individual will sit inside a running car with nothing allowing air circulation. 

Carbon monoxide can be very hard to detect as it is colorless and odorless (hence the name "silent killer"). Symptoms can be very similar to every day ailments: headache, nausea, dizziness, chest pain, and other flu like symptoms. It can represent the flu without the fever. It can also mask itself so that you feel better when you leave an environment. So, if you are feeling ill inside, and you go outside and find your symptoms going away, then it may be CO poisoning. Carbon monoxide binds to hemoglobin and prevents those cells from carrying oxygen. Those with weakened immune systems (such as elderly and infants) can have an increased risk of getting sick from carbon monoxide. It can be fatal.

What kinds of things can emit carbon monoxide? Portable space heaters, gas heaters, an old furnace, or a gas oven can all emit the gas. You can also risk exposure if you use outdoor camping related products indoors; such as a camping stove, or charcoal grill. 

Adequate ventilation is the key when using one of these types of entities. It is also wise to install carbon monoxide detectors in your home (or business) when using these types of appliances.

*photo from CDC website

SERVPRO of Rockford, Servicing the Community

8/9/2023 (Permalink)

greenlogo logoongreen

The best way for a business to succeed in our eyes is to be involved in our community.  We at SERVPRO volunteer to several local charities, but our primary organization right now is the Alpine Kiwanis as they prepare for "Brat Days" next week the 16th and 17th.  This local charity raised approximately $100,000 that went back to the community through various childrens' charities.  We are very proud to donate our time to "serving" at multiple locations throughout the event, as well as helping deliver foods from one location to another.  This group helped the "United for Youth" project (which is a combined effort between the boy and girl scout organizations) raise money for their new green building, as well as helping the local Boys and Girls Clubs and their subsidiary charities.  There are also several other Kiwanis clubs in the area including the Rock River Heritage Kiwanis Club, which the owner vp's for.  This particular group raises money through peanut sales.  It is not as big of an event as "Brat Days", but the money raised from this fundraiser also goes back into the community to support local children based charities.

The other group we are very active with right now is Rosie's Birthday Club.  This group serves children who have never had the honor of celebrating their birthday.  They provide a gift of their choosing on the day of their birthday, and once a month they through a birthday party to celebrate all of the birthdays within said month.  They had their first annual fundraiser in March of 2010, and are getting ready to have their second fundraiser in September (on the 15th).  They are birthday themed fundraisers and provide a fun filled, birthday party atmosphere. 

We believe that supporting charties similar to these that we can have a greater impact on more than just those who end up being a customer/client.  Events and groups like this serve a greater good than that of our restoration and remediation work.  Groups like this step up and go beyond just helping someone in one time of need, but maybe several times of need.  We strongly encourage anyone and everyone to find some local group to be a part of and become a part of someone else's life!

Common Questions...What Sets Us Apart From Our Competition

8/9/2023 (Permalink)

basic Basic logo with icons

How long have we been in business?  Our franchise has been operating for 18 years now; however, our Corporate entity has been established for 40 years!

What services do we offer?  We offer a full range of restoration services that include, fire restoration, remediation, and reconstruction; water restoration, remediation, and reconstruction; mold mitigation and remediation.  We also offer residential and commercial cleaning services, board-ups, biohazard and trauma cleanup, carpet cleaning, and mold mitigation services.  Our ability to be faster to any disaster saves insurance companies money, and gets home and business owners back into their property in a timely manner!

What sets us apart from our competition? For starters, we do background checks on all of our employees to guarantee they are upstanding people, and qualified to work for us.  We put our employees through intense training programs to make sure they are up to date on the latest in safety and work related procedures.  All of our employees are IICRC certified which means they can provide a higher quality of service, and make our clients feel at ease knowing their most important possessions are in safe hands.  Our employees always dress professionally and follow the platinum rule of customer service.  Another benefit is our 1-4-8 Response guidelines required by SERVPRO corporate.  This means that when we receive a notice of loss, we will be in touch with the client or adjuster within 1 hour to determine the scope of the job.  Within 4 hours a team of technicians will arrive on the scene to begin the process of mitigation.  The sooner we are able to extract water and dry the affected areas the better chance we have of avoiding secondary damage requiring some tear-out and restoration which is more costly.  Within 8 business hours a verbal briefing of the scope will be communicated to the adjuster.  We also offer a two year limited warranty on our workmanship and a one year limited warranty on materials.  We also pride ourselves on our personal lines of insurance, we carry policies above and beyond that which is required in our field.

Is there any restoration service we can not do?  We are not licensed in roofing or plumbing, therefore, we sub contract those services out to people we trust to do the same quality of work that we provide.

How quickly can you get results?  You can always depend on our quick response to any emergency.  Results depend on the severity of the problem.  A clean water job can usually be mitigated in three days.   A fire loss may result in the home or business owner being out of the structure for months. 

We are more than willing to share some of customers' satisfaction reports, and answer any further questions anyone may have! At SERVPRO we make any of life's little disasters like they never even happened!

Business ERP

8/9/2023 (Permalink)


Most businesses will not be able to open their doors after a disaster strikes.  Unfortunately,  disasters can happen anytime and can be completely unexpected. The best way to get back on your feet after a disaster is having a plan already prepared.

SERVPRO offers an ERP app/prgram. The ERP stands for Emergency Ready Plan, and helps business owners consolidate any important information that could be needed during an event. 

We will have one of our marketers come out and walk you through the steps and prepare a binder with all your information. 

You will be able to have a written copy of your plan as well as an online option to edit when needed. Included in the plan is information on electric, water, gas, and alarm shut offs. You can even customize where we park when you have an emergency.

If you want more information give SERVPRO of Rockford a call and we can provide all this free of charge! 

OOPS!... I Forgot!

4/5/2022 (Permalink)

Guess who forgot to disconnect the hose from the outside spigot last fall?!  Guess who didn’t turn the water off to that outside spigot?!...  Hmmm…  What might we expect when we go to use that spigot and/or hose this spring?!!!

Living in the Midwest, we can pretty well be assured that we will have a stretch of several days during our winters that not only DON’T get above freezing, but also dip well below zero – sometimes for days at a time.  What happens to water pipes in exterior walls during these cold snaps?  The water in them can freeze and then cause a break.  If you have had the misfortune of having this happen during the cold of winter, you know that this can be a very traumatic experience.

A water damage at any time of year is an unwelcome intrusion into the comfort of your daily living.  If you have experienced this, then you know how unsettling such a disaster can feel! 

So, let’s get back to that outside water situation…  If you have unfortunately left that hose or spigot unattended since last year’s warmer weather, then prepare yourself – and your home – for the possibility of trouble.  As you prepare to turn the water on for the first time, have another person in the basement to watch for water coming into the house rather than going out.  That way you are prepared to turn the water off at the source and avoid an excessive amount of water inside when you needed it outside.  You will know that you have a problem that needs a plumber’s professional attention.  If all of the water continues to flow outside, count your blessings and your good fortune!

Remember that SERVPRO of Rockford is here to help when disaster strikes.  We will make it “Like it never event happened.”

Do you remember that Christmas when…

12/17/2021 (Permalink)

This time of year brings fond memories for most of us, maybe a wish and prayer for better times that may be fading from our community Covid memories.  Among those memories are often the sights, sounds, tastes and fragrances of the Holidays:  wood burning in the fireplace, scented candles bringing ambient light to the rooms where loved ones gather, turkey roasting in the oven, cookies baking on well-seasoned pans used from generation to generation – yes, I still have some of my grandmother’s pans! – bells ringing on street corners, snow-covered lawns and fields and rooftops…

We pray that your memories are not those of tragedy.  We certainly know some who have lost loved ones during the holiday season.  We hope that you know they would like to see you remember them in family traditions, joyful carols and festive gatherings.  Know that they wish to see your joy, peace and love for one another.  Honor their memories in festive celebrations, laughter and good cheer!

We also know too well that disasters know no holiday!  There may be memories that are not so fond:  sparks from a fireplace that lit the carpet; candles left unattended that sent burning wax flaming across wooden tables and fabric table coverings; cookies, cakes or pies left in the oven that burned – it doesn’t just happen to Sharon Weiss (memes); candy making that overflows the pot, lighting a fire as it spills over the burner on the stovetop; the turkey fryer that cooks the siding on the house; Christmas decorations with damaged cords that start electrical fires; fresh-cut trees that have been allowed to become too dry and seem to spontaneously combust.  We hope that none of these things have ever happened to you to cause fire to your homes or businesses.  We pray that they will not happen to you this year or ever in the future.

Please be safe in enjoying your holidays!...  But know that we are always there 24/7/365 to take your disaster and make it “Like it never even happened.”

You’ve got that Giving Feeling…

12/17/2021 (Permalink)

Often at this time of year, we find ourselves with a more giving spirit.  This extends not only to family and friends, but to organizations that we recognize as doing great work in our communities.  Most of us see and hear the bell-ringers at the Salvation Army red kettles on the street corners and outside the places we shop.  We know from direct and indirect experience and from charitable giving reports that our donations are used for valuable and successful programs to help those in need.  Here in Rockford, we know that the Rockford Rescue Mission also is recognized the same way.  There are many churches and local non-profit service organizations that provide a wide array of other much-needed assistance to give those seeking help with food, shelter, clothing, healthcare and other life needs to sustain them through difficult times.

Over the past few years, panhandlers have become more prevalent on busy Rockford street corners.  They tug at our heartstrings, making us feel selfish and uncaring if we don’t offer money to keep them warm and fed.  It may seem like a very kind and generous thing to do, but it is strongly discouraged by those who work in services to the homeless population.  Your money may be putting them at risk!  You have no control over how that handout is used.  We would like to believe it is used for food or shelter, medicine or clothing to protect them from the elements, as many of these folks are homeless.  The cruel reality is that your generous donation mostly goes to feed habits:  alcohol and drugs – not just baseline street drugs, but hard drugs.  Panhandling in traffic also places them in jeopardy of injury and even death.  It is a very rare person that can win a battle with an automobile or truck.

For more information, talk to someone from a local service agency.  Please take a few moments to go to the link below in order to inform yourself before you simply hand over money:

Our recommendation to those of you who are in this giving spirit would be to offer a gift card to a restaurant close to that street and to set someone in the direction of local services, such as Salvation Army, Miss Carly’s, Rockford Rescue Mission, Shelter Care Ministries or Rockford MELD (for women and children).  These have emergency services available and can personalize the assistance of the individual’s needs.  Or if you feel exceptionally generous, the hotel down the next block might very willingly accept a donation for overnight lodging for some of those street folks!  I would hope that these suggestions should keep both you and the panhandler at less risk.

Thank you, Rockford, for your generous spirit through the Holidays and during the remainder of the year!

The Sentinel Speaks

7/12/2021 (Permalink)

Good morning! I'm back at my post as the Morning Sentinel watching to make sure all stays safe in my neighborhood... Or else!... Ekspeshly while my mom is gone. (My grammama is taking dictation today and she's the reason Paws for Penny is so late.)

When ya go away, frenns, do ya have someone take care of stuff ya left behind, like yer house? That's important. How would ya know if the rain came in or if yer water machines made a really bad mess? (Did ya know ya should turn off the water to those machines when ya leave?) If ya come home and find a bad, bad mess, call my people. They are real life Action Heroes that will make bad water stuff "Like it never even happened."

See ya next week! Til then, watch yer stuff!

Come visit me on my people's Facebook page.  Every Friday they give me space for my very own spot, "Paws for Penny."

(Grammama has been trying to help me clean up my grammar.  How did I do this week?)

What is Bio-remediation?

6/10/2021 (Permalink)

Bioremediation What is bioremediation?

There are many forms of trauma that would be induced by any kind of disaster, or a physically, psychologically or emotionally challenging experience.  In coming to the aid of our customers, we recognize that they are in distress and we wish to make the situation as reassuring as possible.  Within the range of services offered, our staff is available to address some of the most challenging and disquieting of situations.  

There are unfortunate occasions where death or injury are involved, such as a crime scene, the violent taking of life – whether perpetrated or self-inflicted – or perhaps an unattended death of a loved one or neighbor.  This may also include situations where someone who is ill loses blood or other body fluids or an injury that causes excessive bleeding occurs in a home or business.  Due to the possible presence of infectious or bio-contaminant elements, these circumstances require professional assistance (bioremediation) in cleaning and disposal of biological matter.  

The conscientious staff at SERVPRO of Rockford is specially trained and certified to provide the proper, hygienic care andcleaning of any contaminated surfaces or items and the proper disposal of items that cannot be cleaned.  Our team is very efficient and thorough, promising that the site will hold no threat of contamination or residue.  You can expect the most compassionate, discreet and professional care from our experienced staff.

SERVPRO of Rockford is locally owned and is fully invested in our community.  We offer this as assurance that each and every person can expect the personal care and attention deserved.  We know that these are very traumatic and emotionally painful situations and we are here to lessen the burden.

For assistance at such difficult moments, please call us to ease your concerns and discomforts.  We will gladly share information about the products – EPA approved – our processes and our team’s training, experience and certifications.  Let us help you through these difficult and painful circumstances.

Pork Chops on the Barbeque

5/21/2021 (Permalink)

Pork chops Who doesn’t love grilled pork chops!

Pork Chops on the Barbeque…  

Steaks on the Grill…  

MmmMmm… What a Thrill!

Finally!...  Winter seems to be completely finished with its intrusive coming and going this Spring!  It is time to enjoy the outdoors.  And that means bringing some of the cooking outdoors, too.  As you pull out that grill and dust it off – and chase out the mice that may have moved in over the past few months – make sure you refresh safety protocols for enjoying this traditional seasonal activity:

  • Keep all grills and fire pits away from flammables:  furniture, decking, dried vegetation, etc.
  • Place grill away from buildings when in use.  Even if fire doesn’t occur to siding, melting, warping and discoloration can happen if too close to a heat source.
  • Use only approved fire-starting products when preparing your fire.  DO NOT use gasoline!
  • Make sure all of your cooking accessories are kept away from heat source in order to avoid melting or burning:  hot-mitts, tongs, spatulas, serving plates, etc.
  • Have water at the ready in case sparks or coals travel from their container to flammables.
  • Keep seating and persons a safe distance from the heat source.  Smoke, soot and sparks can cause a great amount of discomfort, as can the possible excess heat.
  • If not using green sticks or metal forks or skewers for cooking over an open flame, make certain that dried wood cooking utensils are soaked for about 30 minutes to avoid fires.
  • Avoid loose clothing, tie back long hair and tuck ties and strings from clothing – like hooded sweatshirts – when working around a heat source, especially an open flame.
  • We all love a fire at an early age.  We seem to be drawn by its flicker, brightness and dance.  Watch young children carefully around this tantalizing spectacle. 

Now that you have reviewed what needs to be done to keep your outdoor cooking venture safe, ENJOY!...  And maybe have a little extra on hand in case your grill skills are a little rusty and there is a bit more char than you might wish.