SERVPRO of Rockford Employee Photos

Mary Jo Hare

Mary Jo Hare

We'd like to introduce you to Mary Jo, she is one of the owners at our esteemed establishment. She has been around since the start! You will most often see her at networking events throughout the area. She is very passionate about community. I mean, she has been a girl scout for literally ever now (she was even inducted to their local hall of fame), she holds places on local boards (Midway Village, and Family Counseling Services), and you'll find her holding down the raffle booth at the Greenwich Village Art Fair. Before she came to SERVPRO she was in management, or hosting leadership trainings, or helping with animal nutrition/sales! She's done so much.

When she's not doing those things, you'll find her in her garden or wandering around the out of doors. She loves traveling, in fact, my fun fact about her is this - that's where most of her injuries happen, vacation.

She loves listening to folk/acoustic music, and her favorite movie is "The Man From Snowy River"!


Adrienne Shindledecker

Adrienne has worked for SERVPRO in some capacity since her folks bought it/started it in 2005. She has held various positions from technician, to office, to her current role of Creative Consultant. She has now turned her role part time and taken over just the social media management. She enjoys the creative elements that come with running our social platforms, and that is a little more behind the scenes. 

Adrienne is actively involved with several organizations in our community, so you may see her out at events representing from time to time. If you don't find her out at events, you can find her at her distillery weekend job, hanging out at her radio station job, with her nose stuck in a book, or some sort of art medium in her hand! Anything that keeps the creative juices flowing!


Eidany "Dany" Pasadas

Introducing Eidany Pasadas, aka Dany! Dany has been with us FOREVER! He is our production manager, and the one leading crews out on job sites, typically. He chose SERVPRO because of the opportunities it gives to meet new people, and the environments those interactions create each time he meets someone new. He feels the owners are very knowledgeable and supportive, and has enjoyed his time with them over the years. (It’s always fun for us watching him when Charlie is showing him how to break things apart and put them back together).

When Dany is not working, he likes to go fishing, bowling, or throwing darts. You can also find him behind the grill (he’s an excellent grill master), or just doing outdoor things (especially with his granddaughter)! We were also told to make note he likes football, especially when the packers are playing!

We enjoy having Dany on our team! Make sure you say “hi” if you see him out and about! 


Jaime Young

This, is Jaime! She is our Job File Coordinator, she is charge of estimates, job coordinating (shocking with her title, right), and keeping us on track for job processing! She started as a technician with SERVPRO before she was promoted to crew chief. Jaime's entire working career has been very hands on. She has been in the auto industry, construction, she's CNC certified, CAD certified, and even spent time in shipping and receiving! Wow! She says one of the things that she likes here is the constant evolving. She loves to learn, and has made sure she's learned as much as she can about everything she can here!

When she's not busting her butt for us, she likes to spend time with her son. They spar together (kickboxing, wrestling, and boxing), and hunt. She likes hunting, fishing and camping, and you could also find her with her nose in a book or drawing! She loves Spanish food (but it has to be homemade), and she couldn't tell us what her favorite movie was because she owns over 1300!


Lisa Zupon

We would like to introduce you to Lisa! I'm sure some of you have run into her at community events, or had the pleasure of her stopping by your office! She is our amazing marketer! She has been with us for about a year and a half now. Did you know she started as a technician? She knows the ins and outs of everything we do!

Here's some fun facts! She was a teacher before she sought us out, she taught American History and Language in Belvidere (8th grade). She can wiggle her ears. Her favorite book is Power of Now. She likes music from the 50's to the 80's. And, when I asked her what her favorite food was, she told me she likes her steak medium rare and with potatoes!

We love having her on our team! Be sure to introduce yourself the next time you see her!


Penny Lane

Introduciing our social media master marketer, Penny. She belongs to our actual social media manager, Adrienne. She has been doing "Paws for Penny" for years now. Penny took over the Friday night spotlight after the passing of the previous hospitality coordinator, Sadie (who did Sadie Says). We love to include the furry crew members too!

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