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What is Bio-remediation?

6/10/2021 (Permalink)

Bioremediation What is bioremediation?

There are many forms of trauma that would be induced by any kind of disaster, or a physically, psychologically or emotionally challenging experience.  In coming to the aid of our customers, we recognize that they are in distress and we wish to make the situation as reassuring as possible.  Within the range of services offered, our staff is available to address some of the most challenging and disquieting of situations.  

There are unfortunate occasions where death or injury are involved, such as a crime scene, the violent taking of life – whether perpetrated or self-inflicted – or perhaps an unattended death of a loved one or neighbor.  This may also include situations where someone who is ill loses blood or other body fluids or an injury that causes excessive bleeding occurs in a home or business.  Due to the possible presence of infectious or bio-contaminant elements, these circumstances require professional assistance (bioremediation) in cleaning and disposal of biological matter.  

The conscientious staff at SERVPRO of Rockford is specially trained and certified to provide the proper, hygienic care andcleaning of any contaminated surfaces or items and the proper disposal of items that cannot be cleaned.  Our team is very efficient and thorough, promising that the site will hold no threat of contamination or residue.  You can expect the most compassionate, discreet and professional care from our experienced staff.

SERVPRO of Rockford is locally owned and is fully invested in our community.  We offer this as assurance that each and every person can expect the personal care and attention deserved.  We know that these are very traumatic and emotionally painful situations and we are here to lessen the burden.

For assistance at such difficult moments, please call us to ease your concerns and discomforts.  We will gladly share information about the products – EPA approved – our processes and our team’s training, experience and certifications.  Let us help you through these difficult and painful circumstances.

Raccoons… And ‘possums… And squirrels… Oh, my!!

4/8/2021 (Permalink)

Raccoons Vermin are everywhere!

Yes, these critters are quite cute!...  BUT, do you really want them hiding in your home?!  Some of them find their way into your attics when the weather turns cold in early winter and you may not even know they are there.  You are probably thinking those little paw-steps are very large mice.  Raccoons and possums can be very quiet during their winter semi-hibernation.  These animals may make their way into these spaces as they are seeking safe nesting sites for the birthing and raising of their young.  It is truly astounding how a tiny hole in siding, soffits, facia or roofing can be opened up by those little paws to make a grander entrance to your home – attics, walls, ceilings, crawl-spaces, etc.  And oh, what a mess they make!!

So, if they have come to live with you, what can you do about this?  If you know when they leave to get outside for feeding, you can take that time to patch in their entrance/exit sites while they are away.  Upon their return, it is not unheard of them working hard enough to break into your well-planned attempts to keep them out.  The best way to solve the issue permanently is to trap them.  Professional disclaimer time:  you will probably not want to do this yourself!  You will want to find a licensed wildlife removal service.  If this service does humane trapping and release, please make certain they release your houseguests many miles from their current habitat.  You don’t want them returning to your house – or your neighbors’. 

The mess they leave behind – also referred to as “raccoon latrines” – can cause serious health concerns.  Things to consider are parasites – especially roundworms –, viruses, bacteria, and other microbial elements.  Each one of these needs to be attended in order to return your home to a healthy, human-inhabitable condition, as many of these cross species to humans.  Our staff is fully trained and certified to clean up after your critter houseguests.

If this is a disaster that has occurred in your home or commercial building, we can make it “Like it never even happened.”  Call us.  We can help you find someone to remove these “cuties,” talk with your insurance company about the restoration work needed and get your home back to full health.

COVID and Region 1

11/9/2020 (Permalink)

Our Region 1 is designated for “Resurgence Mitigations” after the rise in Covid-19 cases above the state threshold!

Outwitting the Pandemic Takes Patience.

It is apparent to all that Covid-19 will be with us for quite some time to come. The anticipated flu season could bring even more unwelcome concerns. It is certainly not a time to become complacent about our health routines, no matter how frustrated we may become. Keep wearing your mask; continue to physical distance; avoid large gatherings; cover your cough – and your sneeze (those of us with allergies can clear a space in a hurry!); wash your hands thoroughly; stay home if not feeling well.

Remember that cleaning and disinfecting high-touch areas in shared space will help to keep others safe, too. Not sure what to do or continue doing to maintain the health of home or workplace?  Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn or contact us for information or a consultation.

The only way we will ALL come through this world-wide health calamity is to follow the science and deeply care about one another.